1984 – born in Szeged, Hungary.

1997-2003 – studied early-music with László Lőrincz at Conservatory of Szeged. Private composition lessons with Kristóf Weber and Lajos Huszár.

2003-2008 – studied composition at Academy of Music, Budapest with László Vidovszky. Graduated in 2008.

2008-2012 – teacher at Zoltán Kodály Secondary School.

2009-2012 – teacher at the University of Debrecen and Vadaskert Elementary School, Budapest.

2012-2016 – PhD researcher at the University of Southampton (supervisors: Michael Finnissy and Matthew Shlomowitz).

As theorist he published essays on Anton Webern’s music and – as co-author with Ádám Ignácz – about Alexander Scriabin’s Prometheus. The title of his doctoral thesis: Borrowed Traditions – Portfolio of Compositions with Accompanying Commentary. Since 2015 he has been a member of Hermina Galéria, a collective of Hungarian composers and visual artists.

Major concerts

2003 and 2004 – IKZE, Budapest

2004 – Budapesti Őszi Fesztivál, Budapest
Korunk Zenéje Fesztivál (Music of Our Ages Festival), Budapest

2005 – Tage für Neue Musik, Zürich
Portrait concert (together with Tamás Matkó and Ákos Zarándy), Budapest

2006 – Noel Lee’s masterclass, Villecroze
Orfeus Festival, Bratislava

2007 – Ostrava Days 2007, Ostrava

2008-10 – International Bartók Seminar and Festival, Szombathely

2010 – premiere of for Duo Harpverk, Reykjavík

2012 – Viđ Djúpiđ Festival, Ísafjörđur

2014 – premiere of Nap. Futás, Brussels

2015 – St. Magnus Festival, composition masterclass with Alasdair Nicholson and Sally Beamish. Premiere of La cinquiéme chanson de Jaufré Rudel, Kirkwall.

2016 – Sound Festival, Composers’ Workshop with Quatour Bozzini, public rehearsal of Late Quartet, Aberdeen.

2018 and 2019 – Átlátszóhang Fesztivál (Transparent Sound Festival), Budapest.


2005 – MAOE (Association for Hungarian Artists) – Sponsorhip for Composers
2007 – Citi-scholarship (Citibank)
2009-2012: Kodály Zoltán Scholarship for Artists (three times), ARTISJUS Sponsorship for Composers (three times)
2012-2015: Vice Chancellors Award (University Bursary) from Humanities Faculty, University of Southampton